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First Registration of Existing Boundaries

Chartered surveyors and solicitors work together in the conveyancing process in Ireland, after which the property must be registered in the Land Registry. Solicitors investigate issues related to title and chartered surveyors deal with issues relating to the location and extent of the property.  The chartered surveyor must check that the existing deeds and deed map correspond to the physical boundaries of the property on the ground and a map suitable for first registration is supplied.

Currently about 93 percent of Ireland has already been registered in the Land Registry, and all land transfers since 2011 must now be registered. The 7 percent of properties not yet registered consist of an estimated 300,000 mostly urban properties. There is now an urgent need to speed up the registration of these properties to prepare for eConveyancing.

First Registration of New Boundaries

New boundaries are created when existing properties are sub-divided by creating a new site in a field, or by developing many new properties within a large site. Since these new boundaries are not yet included on the official mapping of either Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSi) or the Property Registration Authority (PRA), a map must be created to register the new property with the Land Registry. Significant improvements could result from the adoption of a standards approach to assist eConveyancing.

In Ireland the creation of the new property is performed as part of the land transfer process, whereas in Europe the creation of the new property is an individual process to ensure the location and extent of the new property is correctly recorded prior to the land transfer.

Declarations of Identity for Property Purchases

In many cases when a property is purchased, a mortgage is involved. Let’s face it most of us don’t have that sort of money just lying around. With this inevitably comes the involvement of financial institutions which like to minimise the risk to their investment.

The financial institution usually looks for a declaration of identity, to help minimise this risk. This is a legal document that our chartered surveyors can provide after carrying out a physical inspection of the site to sign off on the declaration of identity. The declaration is required to state that the buildings, and services are wholly contained within the legal boundaries of the property.

Historical Research on Boundaries

Property Boundary Ireland’s founder Dr. Prendergast is one of Ireland’s leading authorities on property boundary issues. His knowledge covers the best modern practices for surveying and mapping boundaries, and he has conducted extensive research into Ireland’s historical use of mapping for land registration. 

Dr. Prendergast has worked in public, private, and academic capacities for over thirty years, and now uses his expertise to offer unparalleled advice to our clients. His knowledge of historical mapping and methodologies is unrivaled in this niche sector, allowing him to resolve the most complex boundary issues.

Affidavits & Court Reports

Comprehensive affidavits and reports can mean the difference between winning or losing a case. The chartered surveyors at Property Boundaries Ireland are experts at creating clear and concise affidavits and reports for court cases.

Using our unbiased data, we write credible, persuasive affidavits and reports for any dispute involving boundary problems. As a result, we offer our clients the best chances of resolving legal disputes in their favour.

Expert Witness Evidence

Winning a court case comes down to finding all the facts and building the best team to present them. Throughout his career, Dr. Prendergast has acted as an expert witness in litigation surrounding boundary problems.

As a highly qualified chartered surveyor, Dr. Prendergast sticks to the facts and explains even the most complex scientific methodologies in layman’s terms. He highlights the most pertinent information to give his clients the highest chance of success.

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