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Jill, Westmeath

“We bought our holiday house in 2004 prior to the digitisation of the OSi and Land Registry (PRA) maps in Westmeath. For close to 10 years we had no problems with our neighbours with regard to the position of our common boundary. To our astonishment the neighbour then tried to claim part of our garden using GPS co-ordinates extrapolated from their digitised LR map. It transpired that the digitised LR map of 2013 differed from their original paper LR map from 1991 with no transfer of land taking place and no change in the position on the ground of the accepted physical boundary features. The change was made in the Land Registry as a result of its mapping practices.

Paddy Prendergast co-authored many publications which we found very helpful. After studying the Green Paper of 2008 and the IPTFPB report of 2014, we ascertained that the very inaccurate digitised PRA map was produced using low resolution aerial photography. Paddy Prendergast’s support and expertise was hugely helpful in us dealing with a very unpleasant situation that was not of our making.”

Lorraine, Cork

“Paddy expertly guided us through a difficult boundary issue. He was extremely thorough and went to great lengths to delve into some very historic matters. Professional at all times and providing excellent customer service, I highly recommend Paddy’s services.”

Hazel & Ian, Fermanagh

We are very grateful to Paddy for all his hard work on our behalf. We were impressed by his immediate grasp of the problem we had, plus his sound advice and opinion on taking things forward. His depth of knowledge, technical skills and practical application were clearly demonstrated to us throughout. His efficiency and good humour helped us greatly in resolving our boundary problem.”

Claire, Donegal

“Paddy, I am so grateful for everything you have done for our family thus far. Our case has been particularly challenging with our neighbours. Since availing of your service, the on the ground survey and the very thorough, detailed and precise professional report will play a pivotal role in the future proceedings of our case (disputed right of way). I thank you also for discovering and identifying a further issue of which I was not aware of,  the mistake regarding the property boundaries, your commitment and timely manner with resolving this issue with the Property Registration Authority has saved a huge amount of further time, effort, conflict and money on our behalf. I am forever grateful and I have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone who needs your expertise”

Denis, County Cork

“Last year, we commissioned Paddy Prendergast to prepare a boundary survey of our property in preparation for planning submission. His knowledge, attention to detail and expertise in this area are of this highest calibre in Ireland. He is not only thorough in his work, but he is easy to work with and always willing to take the time out to discuss our concerns and respond to any of our queries. We can highly recommend the services of Paddy to anyone that requires support in this area”

Ian & Elaine, South Dublin

“Paddy Prendergast has an excellent knowledge on all aspects of Land, Boundaries and surveying. We had a very complex boundary situation and Paddy mediated until a successful outcome was found. We would highly recommend Paddy as being the best in the business.”

Case Study

An Encroaching House

An architect designed a new house that was built for young couple in 2017 and a question was raised whether it encroached into the adjoining property.

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